Our projects continue to have an impact – with results that are used by numerous organizations across the EU and invite participation and replication beyond the project partnerships.

Here is a selection from our projects:

Policy Papers

  • Development Policy Guidelines of the State of Berlin
    Supporting the state of Berlin in implementing its development policy goals is an important concern for us. In order to respond to current global developments, the State Office for Development Cooperation, with the support of the “Awareness for Fairness” project, launched a participatory process to further develop its development policy guidelines.
  • Berlin Action Plan against Racism
    As part of the “ECAR” project, first steps were taken to extend the Berlin “State Action Plan against Racism” to the Berlin districts and to install an accompanying process to support the districts in its implementation and anchoring. The objectives and background as well as the results of the start-up phase and recommendations to the actors are documented in the brochure “Berlin Districts against Racism and Ethnic Discrimination.”
  • Policy Papers on Corporate Engagement and Global Responsibility
    One focus of the “TriNet” project was to strengthen corporate engagement with regard to the global sustainability goals. Four policy papers illustrate our experiences working with business actors in Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic on fair, sustainable corporate governance and the implementation of CSR strategies.

Campaign work and guiding principles on sustainable global development

  • Fairness – more than Fairtrade
    As part of the campaign work on Fairtrade in the “Awareness for Fairness” project, not only teaching and learning materials on the subject were produced, but also shopping guides (for Berlin, Linz and Bornholm). In addition, actors outside the usual retail chains also came into focus. We explored what constitutes fairness and how other actors can be brought on board – see our guides Fair School, Fair City and Fair Church.
  • Good Practice for Municipalities to Combat Racism
    Municipalities play an important role in shaping a tolerant society based on solidarity and promoting a culture of valuing diversity. Together with stakeholders from Berlin, Graz, Madrid and Botkyrka, we developed a series of actions and tools for municipalities to effectively counter racism as part of the ECAR project, documented in a brochure “Good-Practice Approaches – Ways Your City Can Combat Racism”. Complementing this, an indicator-based monitoring scheme was developed to evaluate the implementation of actions and strategies against racism
  • Strategy paper on procurement for municipalities
    As part of the “TriNet” project, the partnership developed Recommendations for procurement in all sectors of a municipality , using the example of the Danish municipality of Bornholm, as well as an e-learning course “Sustainable and socially fair public procurement – but how?” for those responsible for procurement in the municipalities.

Information, teaching, learning and visual materials on global learning

  • Teaching materials for primary and secondary education
    The development of teaching and learning materials on sustainable global development has been a focus of numerous BGZ projects. Over the past 15 years, a comprehensive pool of materials has been created – for example, toolboxes “Fair Trade and Human Rights” and “Megacities, Sustainable Urban Development” Learning materials “Professions Global”
  • Working aids for vocational schools and higher education
    Toolbox “Fair Trade and Labor Standards”, Workbook “Nice Holidays for Tourism Traders”, Business Game CSR