Our contribution

Global responsibility is one of the guidelines of our work. With our projects, we are contributing towards the implementation of social, economical and ecological aspects of sustainability. We want to strengthen the discussion on sustainability, support a broad awareness of development policy issues, and sustainably anchor global learning.

Our projects support the European networking of Berlin non-governmental organisations and bring together actors from education and science, politics and administration, as well as civil society and the media. We have trustingly cooperated with several NGOs in Berlin and abroad for many years.

The target groups of our projects are wide-ranging: children and youths, teaching staff, students, civil society and public administration actors, as well as companies and their self-regulatory bodies.

Together with our partners, we develop needs-based and praxis-orientated approaches. We support the application process and project execution, networking and sustainable implementation of the project results. In doing so, we are able to rely on 30 years of experience in project management and networking.

“Sustainable development means considering environmental aspects equally with social and economic aspects. Sustainable economic activity therefore means: we must leave our children and grandchildren an intact ecological social and economical fabric. There cannot be one without the other.”

German Council for Sustainable Development / www.nachhaltigkeitsrat.de